Friday, 13 December

Interpol's Main Office Voids Baku Call to Launch Manhunt Against Archeologists in Artsakh

Azerbaijan’s Interpol yesterday circulated a statement addressed to the Interpol services of all nations calling for a manhunt against a group of archeologists that Baku claims is carrying out digs in Artsakh.

Azerbaijan’s Interpol says the team is comprised of archeologists from overseas and from Armenia.

Baku charges the archeologists with violating various clauses of Azerbaijan’s Criminal Code – violating international humanitarian norms during wartime, stealing items of unique value, making public pronouncements against the state, and illegally crossing the border of Azerbaijan.

After receiving the statement, Armenia’s Interpol sent a note of clarification to the main Interpol office arguing that this was just the latest attempt by Baku to involve Interpol in political affairs, something that contradicts Article 3 of Interpol’s charter.

Interpol’s main office agreed with the argument set for by Armenia and issued a circular of its own to all worldwide Interpol agencies stating that Baku’s original circular was in contravention of Interpol’s charter and that no manhunt for the archeologists was warranted. 

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