Sunday, 15 September

European Parliament Passes Resolution to Freeze EU Accession Talks with Turkey Until it Halts Repression

European Parliament MPs have passed a non-binding resolution to temporarily freeze EU accession talks with Turkey due to "disproportionate repressive measures" under the state of emergency enacted by Ankara.

The resolution was approved by 479 votes to 37, with 107 abstentions.

Turkey is an important partner of the EU”, say MEPs. "But in partnerships, the will to cooperate has to be two-sided (...) Turkey is not showing this political will as the government’s actions are further diverting Turkey from its European path", they add.

The MEPs have pledged to review their stance when such measures are lifted.

The resolution voted by the European Parliament is not legally binding, because Parliament has no formal role in the initial triggering of such mechanisms, but it has to be informed once this has been done. 

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