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Akhaltskha House of Lusineh Zakaryan for Sale: Fate Remains Undecided

The fate of the house where Lusineh Zakaryan, the prominent Armenian soloist best known for her renditions of Armenian spiritual hymns, grew up in Akhaltskha (Javakhk) remains up in the air.

It was once regarded as the site for a future museum dedicated to famous Armenians of Akhaltskha.  

Today, Javakhk Support Foundation (JSF) Director Ashot Hakobyan told reporters that a committee will be set-up to review the matter. The committee includes Armenian Minister of Culture Armen Amiryan, sector specialists, and Akhaltskha community representatives.

Once the Zakaryan house was placed on the market, the JSF studied the possibility of using the building to house the planned for museum.

Hakobyan visited the site and concluded that the house was “quite problematic” and that, in his opinion, it wasn’t the best option for the museum given that there were numerous prominent Akhaltskha Armenians and that each needed a wall for display purposes. He noted that Zakaryan’s house didn’t provide such a possibility.

Hakobyan said that there is another house in Akhaltskha, built in 1830, that is well preserved and provides a better option for the museum. He added that the committee would have the final say in the matter.

The JSF director told reporters that a substantial investment would be required to transform the Zakaryan house into a museum.

If the committee selects another site for the museum, Hakobyan couldn’t say what would happen to the Zakaryan house, other than it might not be sold.

A Georgian family lives in one section of the house. Another floor belongs to a family relocated from Russia. Both floors together are on the market for $45-$50,000.

Hakobyan says that if someone were to buy both sections to construct one museum, all the better.

The museum committee will be complete by year’s end and then make a final decision.

Photo: Edward Ayvazyan

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