Friday, 06 December

Police Again Detain Mother of Two Sasna Dzrer Members

Nvard Bilyan, the mother of two sons who took part in the armed seizure of a Yerevan police station on July 17, telephoned Hetq to say that police showed up at her house and detained her as she was preparing to take clothes to her sons Areg and Sergey Kyureghian.

Mrs. Bilyan has another son, Hayk, who was sentenced to nine years imprisonment for firing an air pistol in the direction of the police on July 12, 2014.

Bilyan says that unlike the first time she was taken into custody, on July 17, police today produced a detention order.

Armenak Kyureghyan, father of the three men, told Hetq that his wife was taken into custody today because she’s suspected of possessing deadly weapons.

Mr. Kyureghyan said that when police searched the house on July 17 they confiscated several daggers owned by his son Areg who volunteered to fight in Karabakh this past April.

Update: After the intervention of Armenia’s Human Rights Defender’s Office, Mrs. Nvard Bilyan was released from detention since law enforcement hadn’t informed her in advance that she would be called in for questioning.

Mrs. Bilyan told Hetq that she will still have to report in on suspicion of carrying “deadly weapons.”

She calls the charge “ludicrous”, and told Hetq that she doesn’t expect a fair resolution of the case.

Photo (from left): Hayk, Areg and Sergey Kyureghyan

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