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Yerevan Police Detain Founding Parliament Member for Having Phone Conversations with Armed Group

Garo Yeghnukyan, a member of the Founding Parliament opposition group, has been held at a National Security Service (NSS) detention center since last night.

Lawyer Tigran Hayrapetyan, who recently visited Yeghnukyan, says when his client asked why he was being held, his captors merely said that he had supported the Sasna Dzrer group during the past two days and had been in telephone contact with them.

(Sasna Dzrer is the armed group that seized a Yerevan police patrol building early Sunday morning, taking several hostages. A police colonel was killed in the incident.”

Yeghnukyan was taken into custody on the night of July 19, after NSS employees searched his house for five hours.

Syuzan Simonyan, a member of the opposition New Armenia organization, says that police have been searching the homes of the group’s members but haven’t found anything incriminating to link them to the armed seizure.

Simonyan told Hetq that there are two demands being made by the Sasna Dzrer group – the resignation of President Serzh Sargsyan and the release of all political prisoners.

The New Armenia member said that the regime had no moral right to call those who seized the police building terrorists.

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1. Gurgen05:47 - 26 July, 2016
It's called aiding and abetting criminals who killed a police officer and occupied a government building..
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