Wednesday, 16 October

One Year On: Investigation Into Police Maltreatment of Electric Yerevan Reporters Languish

For the past year, investigations looking into Yerevan police maltreatment of reporters covering the dispersal of Electric Yerevan demonstrators on June 23, 2015, have languished with no resolution in sight.

On that day, scores of reporters covering the demonstrations protesting electricity rate hikes were manhandled and their equipment either seized or broken.

On July 3, 2015, Armenia’s Special Investigative Service (SIS) launched criminal charges of hindering reporters from carrying out their professional duties and property damage.

In an attempt to ascertain the status of the criminal investigations, Hetq recently wrote to the SIS.

It appears that no headway has been made.

The SIS, in its response, claims that various forensic and other examinations have been carried out and that documents and other evidence has been amassed.

No individuals, however, have been charged as a result.

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