Friday, 22 November

Armenia Importing Three Times More Medicine

There are only three companies in Armenia that import and export medicines – Richter-Lambron Joint Venture, Co. Ltd., Vagafarm Ltd., and Pharmatech CJSC.

The bulk of medicines shipped to Armenia come from Europe, the United States and Russia. The little that is exported from Armenia goes mostly to the CIS countries and Georgia.

Studying the trade figures for the past five years, we note that imports of medicines have increased threefold over the period 2011-2015.

Exports of medicines have also increased, by a factor of 2.4, but they still lag far behind imports.

During the period 2011-2015 Armenia imported 208.264 million AMD (US$ 432.4 million) in medicines and exported 14.098 million AMD ($29, 276).

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