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Armenia’s New HRD Says He Has Adequate Powers to Protect Citizens

On the first day on the job as Armenia’s fourth Human Rights Defender (HRD), Arman Tatoyan was introduced to the staff by parliament deputy president Hermineh Naghdalyan and Hovhannes Sahakyan, chairman of the parliaments state and legal affairs committee.

When asked by this reporter if he thought that the powers granted the HRD by the constitution and law were sufficient to adequately defend the rights of citizens in Armenia, Tatoyan said they believed they were sufficient, noting that a new law regarding the HRD would have to be drafted given recent changes to the constitution.

When asked by this reporter if he would ever raise the issue of the constitutionality of presidential decrees, something never done by the first three HRDs in the constitutional court, and whether he thought the problem was political, Tatoyan responded that the work of the HRD ombudsman could never be conditioned by political factors.

“I have often stated that each power, with an evaluation of the legal substantiation of the issue, will naturally be implemented,” Tatoyan said

Hovhannes Sahakyan, Hermineh Naghdalyan, Arman Tatoyan

Tatoyan said that he didn’t agree with the viewpoint that HRD’s in Armenia has not been able to effectively protect the rights of citizens.

“That [viewpoint] is not a result of the ombudsman’s position and does not help the authority of the office. All HRDs have carried out their mandates. Of course, there are complications but they can be overcome,” Tatoyan said.

(Tatoyan was elected Armenia’s fourth HRD yesterday by a 96-7 vote in parliament) 

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1. Էլանորա20:37 - 24 February, 2016
"․․․ նա կարող է բարձրացնել նման խնդիր․․․" Հայերենում, ոչ թե բարձրացնում են խնդիր/հարց, այլ բարձրաձայնում են։
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