Thursday, 21 November

Trial Postponed in ArmenTel $500 Million International Phone Swindle Case

Today’s scheduled trial of Ashot Poghosyan, a former ArmenTel security chief implicated in siphoning off $500 million at the telecommunication company, had to be postponed since the prosecuting attorney never showed up at the Ketron and Nork Marash Court.

Ashot Poghosyan is charged with agreeing to a plan in 2009, proposed by Aleksandr Zubov (then head of Vimpelcom’s security unit for CIS countries) to set up an alternative international telephone cable link and to siphon off revenues.

Those rerouted revenues are said to amount to US$500 million.

Poghosyan trial has been going on in the courts since late 2015.

At earlier trial sessions Poghosyan has said that he was just following the order of his boss Zubov.

“I understood that if I didn’t act on the orders of Zubov I would get fired,” said Ashot Poghosyan during court questioning on January 24, 2014.

The court scheduled the next trial session for February 25. 

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