Tuesday, 12 November

Ajapnyak Precinct Prez - 'Someone voted in your name? Vote in someone else's'

Entering her local polling station in Yerevan's Ajapnyak district to vote in today’s constitutional change referendum, Nelli Minasyan (photo) saw that someone had already cast a ballot in her stead.

It gets worse.

Members of the polling station’s election commission told Minasyan that her neighbor had signed next to her name by mistake and that someone else had signed their name instead of the neighbor.

The befuddled commission members advised Minasyan to wait until after the polls closed and then to cast her ballot and sign in place of a voter who never showed up.

“I want things to be legal and sign my name where it appears on the voter roll,” Minasyan told Hetq.

Commission president Narineh Aghajanyan maintained that she wasn’t to blame for the mix-up and, after all, she did offer a solution. 

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