Friday, 13 December

68% of Foreign Nationals in Armenian Prisons Hail from Georgia, Russia and Iran

Of the 127 foreign national serving time in Armenia’s prisons in November 2015, 87 are from Georgia, Russia and Iran.

Here’s the breakdown: 32 are from Georgia, Russia - 29, Iran - 27.

Interestingly, most of the inmates with Georgian and Russian citizenship have Armenian roots.

The remaining 40 foreign national inmates hail from a variety of countries – Romania, France, Nigeria, Syria, India, Turkey, China, Peru, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Lebanon, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Kyrgyzstan, Italy, Argentina, Bulgaria, Belarus, Ukraine and Holland.

Most of the 127 have been charged with the following Criminal Code violations:

Article 215. Contraband

Article 266. Illegal turnover of narcotic drugs or psychotropic materials with the purpose of sale

Article 268. Illegal turnover of narcotic drugs or psychotropic materials without the purpose of sale

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