Thursday, 05 December

Armenia: 27% of High School Grads Continue Education

Here are some unsettling education demographics.

From 2000 – 2014, while the number of permanent residents in Armenia dropped by 6.4% (207,300), the number of pupils attending public school (grades 1-12) in Armenia dropped by 40%.

In 2000, according to National Statistical Service data, 280,947 boys and 285,643 girls attended public school in Armenia. In 2014, those figures had decreased to 188,188 boys and 171,371 girls.

Today, 27% of high school graduates continue their education. 7% receive mid-level professional training at a college and 20% go on to university.

During the same 2000 – 2014 period, 42,018 boys and 49,220 girls were accepted to colleges and universities in Armenia on a yearly average.

In 2000, 60,726 high school graduates were accepted. This number reached a peak in 2009 – 114,629. In 2014, the number had decreased to 79,623.

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