Saturday, 14 December

Cassation Court Returns, on Technical Grounds, Appeal to Change Vardan Pertosyan Sentence from 5 to 6 Years

Armenia’s Court of Cassation has returned, on technical grounds, the petition of the relatives of the two teenagers killed in an October 2013 road accident for which actor Vardan Petrsoyan was sentenced to five years imprisonment.

Ruben Baloyan, representing the Hakobyan family, now has five days in which to make corrections and re-file the appeal asking that Petrosyan’s sentence, handed down by the Kotayk Regional Court on January 29 of this year, be changed to a minimum of six years.

On May 5, Armenia’s Court of Appeals rejected an appeal by the state prosecutor and the relatives to have the initial verdict amended to six years.

Today, the Court of Cassation noted that Baloyan had forgotten to attach a copy of the petition and postal receipts proving that all litigants in the case have been notified of the new appeal.

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