Saturday, 14 December

Hetq Gets Results: New House Purchased for Family of Artsakh War Vet

Yesterday, the Fuller Housing Center had some great news for Hetq.

After Hetq wrote about the plight of Sergey Stepanyan and his 77 year-old mother Roza, who live in a ramshackle house in the village of Yeraskh, the Center, with the assistance of benefactor Hrant Candan, has purchased a new house for the family.

Sergey Stepanyan, a 51 year-old Artsakh War vet, has told Hetq that all he wanted was to buy some slate roofing so that his mother wouldn’t sleep exposed to the elements; especially the rain.

Sergey has four children, 3 boys and a daughter. They are all married. The daughter lives in Russia. The rest of the family, including five grandchildren, live in two dilapidated houses.

The family owns one hectare of land but don’t have enough money to purchase watermelon or cantaloupe seeds to plant.  They eke out a living by planting watermelon in the fields of others.

Sergey happily told Hetq that the new house, located in the center of Yeraskh, has a plot of land. He added that the Fuller Center will also allocate some money to buy new windows. He says the family will move in by week’s end.

Sergey invited Hetq to the housewarming in Yeraskh.

Thanking the benefactors, we’d like to tell readers that Hetq will visit the family once they’ve settled in.

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1. Aram10:58 - 4 July, 2015
Ապրի Հետքը,ապրեն բարերարները: Հետքին ցանկանում եմ ուժ և համբերություն:
2. Anna01:02 - 9 July, 2015
Ինչ հրաշք, ապրի Հետքը եւ Մարինեն...
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