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Prosecutor General Says Former MP, Arrested in Murder Plot, Hasn't Filed a Protest

On May 4, Yerevan police arrested Gohar Yenokyan, a former MP with the Prosperous Armenia Party (BHK), on suspicion that the 73 year-old took part in the preparation of a murder.

Today, in the Armenian parliament, BHK MP Vahe Enfiajyan asked Armenia’s Prosecutor General Gevorg Kostanyan (photo) about the arrest.

Enfiajyan specifically wanted to know what evidence the police had to proceed with arresting the 73 year-old Yenokyan. Enfiajyan added that the arrest was quite incomprehensible, both for Yenokyan and the public in general.

Kostanyan replied that whether or not the arrest was incomprehensible or sustainable for the public, certain criminal protocols exist and if a person doesn’t agree with the charges brought against them, they can at least file a protest.

Kostanyan added that to date his office has received no such appeal or complaint from Yenokyan regarding the charges against her.

The prosecutor general said in terms of the public outcry regarding the arrest, he would not publicize any details of the investigation in order not to influence it.

“I do not wish to impede the process,” Kostanyan said, adding that if sufficient evidence existed the case would go to court and if not, the case would be resolved in another manner. 

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