Friday, 06 December

Prosecution Demands Minimum Six Year Sentence in Vardan Petrosyan Case

Today, at the Court of Appeals, two complaints filed by prosecutor Artur Sargsyan and the defendants' lawyer were heard in the case of Vardan Petrosyan.

Petrosyan's lawyer Nikolai Baghdasaryan argued against the complaints but Petrosyan wasn't given the chance to express his own opinion.

The court sustained the motion of Ruben Baloyan, lawyer for the defendents, and the court case was postponed until May 5.

Readers will remember that the prosecutor and the defendents are opposed to the verdict handed down by the Kotayk Regional Court on January 29 according to which Vardan Petrosyan was sentenced to five years. They are demanding a minimum sentence of six years.

In addition, the prosector wants Petrosyan to be stripped of his driving license for three years and not two as the court declared.

The main argument put forth by Baloyan is that the sentence handed down by the court does not fit the crime; the death of two and four injured.

Petrosyan's lawyer argued against the motions to modify his client's prison sentence, saying that they should be thrown out. The lawyer noted that the examples brought by the prosecutor of cases where the courts have revised earlier judicial sentences, making them more severe, have no relvevance to the current case.

Baghdasaryan also stressed that his client still considers himself innocent given that the regional court sentence was based on fabricated evidence.


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