Saturday, 14 December

Trees Get the Axe: High-Rise Going Up in Yerevan’s Nork District

Residents of Nork Street 7 called Hetq today complaining that a large swath of trees have been cut down to make way for a high-rise residential building. 

Tigran Azizyan told Hetq that while he cut down trees during the “dark and cold” days of the early 1990s, some trees were left standing. 

“There were 30-40 year old trees, big mulberry trees. Residents then planted some more. But in one day they cut them all down. Then, they posed a sign and we learnt that a high-rise building is to be constructed there,” says Azizyan. 

He contacted the State Property Cadastre and was informed that the land now belonged to Hagop Lousararyan. 

Before felling After felling

Hetq has found out that the Yerevan Municipality has located two parcels on the street to Lousararyan which have been combined into one big lot. 

The Azizyans have taken the matter to the Lev Group legal firm for examination. 

Levon Baghdasaryan, president of the law firm, told Hetq that even though a construction permit has been issued for the site it doesn’t cover cutting down mature trees. 

Baghdasaryan added that the new construction may also be in violation of the rights of home owners in the immediate area. 

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