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Hetq’s ‘Listen to Our Voices’ to be Screened Nov. 26

On November 26 the documentary film “Listen to Our Voices” produced by Hetq will be screened at the Naregatsi Art Institute in Yerevan at 1:00 pm.

The screening coincides with the compilation of the series of articles published by Hetq titled “Distorted Fates,”  which documents the stories of 11 inmates who were convicted of crimes allegedly committed with unsubstantiated—or in some cases without—hard evidence and given sentences of life in prison. The “Distorted Fates” series attempted to call attention to the flaws in the Armenian judicial system, specifically regarding deficient criminal science and inadequate investigative procedures. 

The Mayilian Song Ensemble, led by vocalist Anna Mayilian, will perform at the event.

The work “Toward Lifelong Freedom”  written by Mher Yenokyan will also be presented.

Yenokyan, who is also a contributing writer to Hetq, is himself serving a life sentence and has spent 18 years at the Noubarashen Correctional Facility. He is now a student at the Armenian-Russian Slavonic University’s Faculty of Law.

His work lost the 2013 Orange Book Prize amidst controversy with allegations of voter fraud. 

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