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Four Noubarshen Prison Inmates Voice Concerns Regarding the Medical Condition of Their Cellmate

Four inmates serving life sentences at the Noubarashen Correctional Facility have appealed to the head of the RA Department of Corrections to intervene in the case of Arman Iskandaryan, another lifer at the prison, whose medical condition they claim is bad and getting worse.

The four inmates, who share a cell with Iskandaryan, have written to department of corrections head Artour Osikyan saying that the inmate, who lost a leg while serving in the army, gets bouts of unconsciousness and recently fell causing injury to his face and hands.

“We have appealed several times to have him put under the care of the medical staff. Many inmates are under great psychological pressure seeing him in that state,” the four inmates wrote in their open letter to Osikyan.

The four inmates have told Hetq that they were questioned about at incident Iskandaryan had with the prison doctor.   Iskandaryan had removed his prosthesis to show the doctor that he was bleeding at the amputation area.

Continuing, they claim that the doctor said he would prescribe some treatment and that’s when the inmate became enraged, saying that no treatment had been specified for over a year. Iskandaryan was later taken to a punishment cell where he remained for two days. He was then seen by the prison warden and released from the cell.

“They had written that Iskandaryan had smashed his crutches, but we saw that they broke when he fell descending the stairs from the bathroom. He broke two fingers and they haven’t been set properly,” the four inmates write in the letter

Iskandaryan has also written to Hetq regarding his medical condition and that it doesn’t allow him to see his child and family, whom he describes as the only bright light in his life.

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