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Argentina Overtakes Russia as Largest Source of Foreign Investment in Armenia

Argentina was the source of the largest percentage of foreign investment in Armenia in 2013 with US$117.9 million, according to Armenia’s National Statistical Service.

Coming in second was France (US$99 million), followed by Russia (US$86.2 million) and Cyprus (US$76 million).

Over the past six years covered in the chart (2007-2013), Russia was the leading source of foreign investment in all except for 2013, when it dropped to 3rd place. The United States lagged far behind with a mere 9.4 million.

Readers will note that 4th place Cyprus is a country where many corporations are registered as offshore entities. (Below chart shows USD in thousands)



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Comments (3)
1. the economist23:12 - 29 September, 2014
Again, the data are commendable, but you should put the statistics in context by explaining the trends and the numbers; in other words, you should answer the question why. Also, in the case of Argenitina, could Mister Eduardo Ernekian help explain his country's outsized contribution?
2. Ed01:50 - 1 October, 2014
"the economist", you statement makes no sense.
3. the economist19:09 - 7 October, 2014
How many wineny operations (Tierras de Armenia), airports (ie Zvartnots) and banks (ie Converse) has Argentina's Eurnekian invested in across Armenia? Why is it such a surprise if his FDI continued in 2013? He is sort of a billionaire is USD terms, isn't he? It is not that farfetched given the paltry levels of FDI Armenia receives relative to Georgia.
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