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Worrying Statistic: 900 Armenian Military Personnel Convicted in 2013

In 2013, more than 900 individuals serving in the Armenian military were charged and sentenced on various crimes – the top three relating to theft, drug trafficking and crimes committed against the service.

In all, some 3,400 service personnel were charged without being found guilty.

Overall, most of those now serving time in Armenian correctional facilities have been found guilty of the following three articles of the RA Criminal Code: 177 (theft), 268 (illegal trafficking of narcotic drugs or psychotropic materials without the intent of sale), and 359 (Breach of relations, prescribed by field manuals, between non-subordinate servicemen).

In 2013, 499 individuals were sentenced based on Article 177; in 2012, 584. These statistics are to be found in the Judiciary of Armenia website (Armenian only).

In 2013, 322 individuals were sentenced based on Article 268; in 2012, 408.

Of interest is that most of those sentenced were found guilty of violating Article 359 dealing with military service offences.

In 2013, 300 were found guilty and sentenced based on Article 359; in 2012, 302. The same source states that 195 individuals were thus sentenced in 2011.

In other words, the number of those convicted of various military offrences in Armenia rose by 54% in the past two years.

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1. Юрий23:25 - 16 June, 2015
Заголовок, текст и диаграмма находятся в явном противоречии друг с друго. Проверяться надо
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