Wednesday, 13 November

SandbadTir INTL Transport v. Nairit: Judge Reprimands Litigants for Delaying Tactics

For the fourth consecutive time, the trial pitting the Iranian company SandbadTir INTL Transport, against Nairit Plant CJSC in Armenia, was again postponed today.

SandbadTir INTL Transport Co. Ltd. is demanding that Nairit Plant CJSC be declared bankrupt, but the defendant argues the no such company exists. The company claims that Nairit owes it US$27,000.

Vrezh Khachikyan, who represents the Iranian company, has again requested more time to officially petition the Iranian State Registry and aquire the proper documentation of the company.

In court today, Khachikyan also announced that the director of the company would be traveling to Armenia and would be bringing further documents pertaining to the case.   

The lawyer asked that the trial be postponed till the end of the month.

In the meantime, Nairit Plant's representative Nelli Tovmasyan told the court that documentation supplied by Khachikyan at the last trial session regarding the company’s status had been examined by an Armenian state agency dealing with relations with Iran, but that she would reveal the findings sometime during the trial.

Judge Ara Koubanyan then reprimanded both sides for what he described as their “delaying tactis”. Nevertheless he agreed to postpone the trial until April 26.

Afterwards, when Hetq asked Tovmasyan why the need to apply to the Iranian State Registry had arisen, the lawyer merely said she wasn’t permitted to respond to reporters’ questions.

Photo: Judge Ara Koubanyan

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