Monday, 11 November

Armenian Government Will No Longer Provide Permits for Fish Farming in Ararat Valley

Permits will no longer be provided for fish farming in the Ararat Valley, said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Territorial Administration of the Republic of Armenia Armen Gevorgyan at a conference today.

Gevorgyan said only the government deals with the issue of underground water aquifers in Ararat Valley and has a strict attitude on this issue. "During this time, I haven't seen non-governmental organizations, representatives, or other agencies take initiative, come stand beside us and try to help," he said, adding that apart from criticisms and good wishes, he hasn't heard any other offers.

Meanwhile, the Armenian government is resolute: there will be specific steps that, according to the deputy PM, many won't like and that will result in discontent. But it will all be done to restore the water reserves. The volume of water usage will be strictly reduced and monitored. Fish farms have to move to adopting closed or partly closed systems. If these businesses are unable to make investments, they might shut down. 

"Yes, we realize that we too have failed, the government too — different state departments and agencies have also failed. It's because of these shortcomings that today we have to do everything [possible] to offset subjective and unjust dependence," he said. 

The deputy PM added that as a result of discussions with government officials and experts, they came to the conclusion (which will soon be awarded legal status) that they will not provide permits for breeding fish in the Ararat Valley.

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