Friday, 22 November

Vahagn Chakhalyan Ends Hunger Strike in Georgian Jail

United Javakhk movement leader Vahagn Chakhalyan yesterday ended his hunger strike that he started on October 5 to protest inhumane treatment in the Georgian jail where he is now serving out his sentence.

Robert Tatoyan, Program Coordinator for the Yerkir Union, reports that some of Chakhalyan’s demands have been met by prison authorities and that Primate Vazgen Mirzakhanyan of the Georgian Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church was allowed to visit Chakhalyan in jail.

The clergyman was able to get prison authorities to all books returned to the prisoner and restore buying privileges at the jail’s commissary.

Tatoyan says that Chakhalyan is still prohibited from seeing family members.

The last time Chakhalyan’s parents were allowed a visit was back in 2008 and the meeting only lasted 15 minutes.

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