Sunday, 15 December

"Young People's Parliament" In the Works

Hovik Abrahamyan, President of the RA National Assembly, has given the green light for te creation of a Young People’s Parliament; in fact, it’s his own bright idea. On April 8, Abrahamyan invited the rectors of Yerevan’s various institution of higher learning and student body representatives to a meeting to discuss the draft proposal and to hear their ideas and suggestions. Also on hand was Armen Ashotyan, RA Minister of Education and Science. The new parliament is envisaged to have 12 standing committees and 131 delegates; 39 of which will be nominated by parties seated in the National Assembly. Artak Davtyan, who heads the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Science, Education and Culture, said the new structure would be an ideal way to instil the values of parliamentary governance in a new generation of Armenians.

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