Thursday, 14 November

Javakhk - Autonomy Is the Only Solution

Artak Gabrielyan, a member of the Samtskhe-Javakhk Armenian NGO’s Council, said today that Armenians of the Georgian region are seeking the legal status of autonomy. "Today, Georgia is a de-facto federal state and there is no portion of the Georgian Constitution that defines its internal make-up," Gabrielyan said. Founded in 2003, the Council, which acts as an umbrella structure for over 30 local Armenian organizations, has constantly raised the issue of obtaining autonomy for Javakhk. Mr. Gabrielyan expressed his displeasure with some organizations here in Armenia, including those founded by former Javakhk residents, who make outrageous statements regarding solutions to the problems faced by Javakhk-Armenians without taking into account the will of the people there. He argues that there must be one, clearly defined message; i.e. that autonomy is the sole solution to the problem.

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