Friday, 15 November

RA Education Minister - Armenian History Can Be Taught in Georgia

When this reporter asked RA Minister of Education Armen Ashotyan if he foresaw the day when Armenian history would officially be part of the curriculum at Armenian schools in Georgia, the official responded that he had raised the issue with his Georgian counterpart. Minster Ashotyan added that presently Georgian law allowed Armenian history to be taught at such schools but that not all have elected to do so. He noted that many Armenian schools in Javakhk had elected to include Armenian history in their formal curriculum but that not one school in Tbilisi had. "We will try to come up with unique solutions to the issue when my colleague visits Armenia. I have a few interesting suggestions in mind. We’ll discuss them and I’ll let you know afterwards," said Ashotyan, adding that he has sent an invitation to Georgian Minister of Education Dimitry Shashkini.

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