Saturday, 16 November

Problem Growing at Nubarashen Toxic Dump, Says Environmentalist

Environmental activist Karineh Danielyan warned that the festering Nubarashen toxic waste dump not only poses a health risk for Yerevan but for the entire Ararat valley and area villages. She raised the warning at a press conference today, arguing that the waste was getting into underground water reservoirs and streams.

Danielyan said she didn’t believe that Yerevan had the resources to solve the growing problem on its own and that assistance from the national government was needed.

"Specialists are worried that the research stage has been dragging on for far too long and that the time has come to take concrete steps and draft a comprehensive plan of action," she said. She cited recent studies showing that the wastes are continuing to leech out into the surrounding environment and that traces have reached Yerevan.

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