Tuesday, 19 November

Glendale Hills Sues Newspaper for Slander

The Glendale Hills construction company has taken the newspaper Zhamanak to court, demanding that it issue a retraction of a story appearing last August alleging that the company offered residents "hush money" not to contact the press about a building collapse in the Gyumri neighbourhood of Moush. Glendale Hills had been given the state contract to construct apartment building for area residents who had been left homeless due to the 1988 Spitak earthquake. The paper had claimed that it had learnt that some residents had been offered up to $1,000 to keep the collapse under wraps. Glendale Hills legal rep Artur Mikayelyan has told Hetq that the company considers the article in question to be slanderous and that it will set a compensatory amount in the near future. At today’s opening trial session at Kentron and Nork-Marash District Court, the paper’s lawyer, Arsen Mesrobyan, asked for an adjournment sating he had just been hired and needed more time to acquaint himself with the case. Judge Soukoyan granted the lawyer ten days.

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