Thursday, 12 December

Deputy Parliament Prez - No Last Minute Legislation Push

National Assembly Deputy President Samvel Nikoyan disagrees that the government is trying to push through legislation it favors without adequate public debate. "I don’t see such a thing happening. About 70% of the programs we are talking about have been given a public hearing and have gone through a first hearing in the parliament. Everyone involved has expressed their opinions on the bills. Sure, there are new initiatives. But the government, using its constitutional powers, is seeking to have those bills that must be put into practice by January passed," Mr. Nikoyan told Hetq. When asked to comment on the dissatisfaction expressed by some opposition MP’s that bills are being forced through at the last minute, Mr. Nikoyan said that even controversial bills like the one regarding additions to the Language Law, have been thoroughly discussed and debate. "There have been demonstrations, marches and meetings. Parliamentary hearings have been conducted twice already and the appropriate committee has given the go-ahead. But they still aren’t satisfied," he said.

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