Thursday, 12 December

Judge to Rule in Ijevan Slander Case on December 27

Investigative Journalists NGO seeks annulment of 930,000 AMD legal compensation The RA Court of Appeals will announce its verdict on December 27 in the court case pitting the Investigative Journalists NGO against the mayor and municipality of Ijevan. The case has dragged on for two years now. A lower court had found in favor of the Investigative Journalists when the Ijevan authorities sued on slander charges. They appealed and won in the second trial. They have demanded a public retraction to a story that Hetq and the Azg newspaper ran regarding the mining of sand in a reservoir on Ijevan town property. Ijevan Mayor Varuzhan Nesisyan is also seeking 930,000 AMD compensation for legal fees incurred. At yesterday’s court session presiding Judge Nakhshoun Tavaratsyan asked the Ijevan defendants if they had already paid their lawyer. The lawyer answered that he has been paid.

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