Monday, 18 November

Raffi Hovhannisian Condemns Yesterday's “Non-Vote” on Artsakh

Heritage Party leader Raffi Hovhannisian today thanked ARF MP’s and independent MP Tigran Torosyan for voting in favor of the draft bill calling for Armenia’s official recognition of the Artsakh Republic. Mr. Hovhannisian said that Armenia’s official recognition of Artsakh was just as vital and a matter of principle as the international recognition of the 1915 Genocide.

He was highly critical of the ruling coalition for not even participating in yesterday’s vote in the parliament. The Heritage Party leader said that it was high time that the Artsakh government specified what it exactly wanted from Armenia and the international public, adding that after yesterday’s “non-vote”, no one could blame the Minsk Group Co-chairs or individual governments if they overlook the issue of Artsakh’s independence.

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