Saturday, 07 December

Computer Confusion Temporarily Paralyzes Armenian Parliament

Confusion temporarily reigned in Armenia’s newly renovated National Assembly today when many MP’s couldn’t properly insert the computer cards now required to register ones vote. Not being able to access their computers, the MP’s started to press all the buttons on the computers in a vain attempt to get the machines up and running. On several occasions, Parliament President Hovik Abrahamyan was forced to call the MP’s to order and not to get flustered. "Dear MP’s, don’t press the computer keys. Be patient. Staff technicians will be going around the hall to help you," pleaded Abrahamyan. After about twenty minutes of this disorder in chambers, the session was postponed for another twenty minutes. Hamlet Haroutyunyan, a ruling Republican Party MP, told colleagues that, upon arriving late to the parliamentary session, he was flabbergasted by what he saw going on. "No one of the 100 or so people inside realized that a recess should have been called much earlier. What kind of people are these."

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