Sunday, 15 December

Minor Parties Discuss Upcoming Election Chances

Head of Constitutional Rights Union Party Hayk Babukhanyan told a press conference today that the party would be running candidates in the upcoming parliamentary elections in Armenian. Mr. Babukhanyan was at a loss when asked to name the party’s potential candidates. Mr. Babukhanyan noted that the positions of the ruling Republican Party of Armenia nd the Prosperous Party of Armenia were going into the elections were solid and did not expect any internal struggle between the two. "These parties are quite monolithic," he noted. He argued that the opposition-based HAK (Armenian National Congress) had lost a substantial portion of its base relative to its strength in 2007-2009. Mr. Babukhanyan credited the weakening of HAK to its internal diversity which has resulted in "changing" opinions on a wide-range of matters. Arguing the opposite was Lyudmila Sargsyan, Chairman of the Social-Democrat Hnchak Party. She said that HAK has managed to retain a large core of supporters. "Show me just one political force that can rally 5,000 supporters at a rally in a short notice. We can rally 20,000 without much difficulty."

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