Tuesday, 19 November

Even MP's are Driven by Personal Interest

MP Hakob Hakobyan, President of the RoA National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Social Affairs and a member of the ruling Republican Party, declared that becoming a member of parliament doesn’t mean that one is automatically stripped of his or her property, but rather that you must give what you own to another to manage and that you don’t get a salary. He added that up until the 2005 constitutional reforms, an MP could not engage in commercial enterprise but could manage his or her holdings. After 2005, MP’s were obligated to turn over their financial assets to others to manage. MP Hakobyan said that this is exactly what he has done. "If you tell me that if a MP has personal property, one can abuse his or her position for personal gain, I tell you that everyone is driven by personal interest," MP Hakobyan declared.

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