Friday, 22 November

Politicians Disagree on Impact of Azerbaijani UN Resolution

At a press conference today regarding the upcoming Azerbaijani resolution in the United Nations General Assembly with which Baku intends to garner support for the removal of Armenian forces from the liberated territories, Republican Party MP Gagik Minasyan noted that debate on the bill will have little if any impact on the negotiations process. He confessed, however, that it would have some impact on international public opinion. MP Minasyan, who heads the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Credit and Budgetary Matters, said that Baku is continuing its attempts to direct attention away from the ongoing negotiations process. Haroutyun Arakelyan, Secretary of the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party, expressed a much more somber assessment on the issue and argued that the Minsk Co-Chairs have never focused as much serious attention to the matter as now. Mr. Arakelyan added that the OSCE, for the most part, has never issued declarations in favor of the Armenian position. “The territorial integrity of Azerbaijan has always been stressed and for the past twenty years we have been playing the game according to Azerbaijani rules; never opposing the principle of the inviolability of borders with that of national self-determination,” said Mr. Arakelyan. He added that while the ADL of Armenia has never opposed the discussion of this issue with the framework of the Minsk Group, a genocide took place on Azerbaijani territory from 1988-1994, and that presently Armenians are sitting down with the criminal Baku government at the negotiating table. Mr. Arakelyan pointed out that these negotiations were being mediated by the Minsk Group, an organization headed by a group of superpowers who have openly pursued their interests for the past several decades.

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