Sunday, 08 December

Professor Ozkan - Turkey Fears Genocide Recognition Will Lead to Compensation

Visiting Bogazici University Professor Behul Ozkan said yesterday that Turkey would rather spend money to organize anti-Armenian lobbying efforts than on possible compensation stemming from Ankara’s official recognition of the events of 1915 as "genocide". Professor Ozkan, whose field of expertise is foreign relations, made the remark at a seminar entitled "Discussions about Turkey" organized by the Eurasia Partnership Foundation in Yerevan. He argued that Turkey most fears the threat of compensation if it ever were to officially recognize the 1915 Armenian Genocide. Professor Ozkan added that such a fear was unfounded and brought the example of the 1974 Turkish military incursion in Cyprus. He said that the Greeks left their homes and possessions and that these were later appropriated by Turks and pointed out that even though the Turkish incursion was illegal, those Greeks who were dispossessed have never been able to reclaim what they owned. Professor Ozkan argued that when it comes to international rights it isn’t the pursuit of justice that prevails but rather sheer power. He added that if Armenians were to make their demands more effectively, it would serve as a precedent for other dispossessed people as well.

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