Saturday, 16 November

Former Parliament Deputy Speaker: Was President Sargsyan Afraid of Raising C-300 Issue with Medvedev?

At a press conference held earlier today, Karapet Rubinyan, a former Deputy Speaker of the RoA National Assembly, said that the sale of C-300 antimissile defense systems to Azerbaijan by Russia can be construed as an outright anti-Armenian move. "Such a move turns Azerbaijan, our enemy, inviolable and frees its hand when striking at Armenia and Karabakh. In response, if Russia assumes the security of Armenia, that of Karabakh remains an open question," Mr. Rubinyan noted. He noted that the media had little to say about the sale of the C-300 system during Russian President Medvedey’s recent visit to Armenia and that Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov as much as verified the sale, for which he received the Mashtots medal from the Armenian government. The people of Armenia, noted Mr. Rubinyan, have no idea whether the sale of such sophisticated military technology to Azerbaijan is a source of concern for the Armenian government. "Was the issue ever raised with Medvedev? Can I assume that President Sargsyan feared even mentioning the issue with the Russian president?" asked Mr. Rubinyan.

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