Friday, 13 December

Republican Party Spokesman Justifies Extension of Russian Base Till 2044

Republican Party parliamentary faction Secretary Edvard Sharmazanov said today that Armenia shouldn’t sit idly by while Azerbaijan continues to increase its military spending. The ruling party spokesman used this argument, and pointed to continued bellicose statements coming out of Baku, for the need to increase the contract for the Russian military base in Armenia till the year 2044. "Not only is the extension of the term important but the fact that the base will be assuming new functions and will be reequipped with modern technology and equipment. This will insure the inviolability of Armenia’s security," Mr. Sharmazanov stated. He added that Azerbaijan would never dare to resume military operations against the people of Karabakh. I’ve said it before, even if Baku ever entertains such an idea, the Karabakh army will march all the way to the natural border of the Armenia plateau, the confluence of the Kur and Araks Rivers."

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