Thursday, 14 November

Newly Opened Kindergarten Searches for Benefactors

After a thirteen year hiatus, a kindergarten has again opened its doors in the Nor Armavir village of Armavir. The school, which started to operate just ten days ago, already has 50 young pupils. The school however has not yet been furnished and is in desperate need of school supplies, desks, chairs, etc. Local families, who pay a monthly tuition fee of 5,000 AMD, have chipped in by temporarily donating furniture and other items from their homes. Accountant for the kindergarten, Narineh Avetisyan, told Hetq that it will cost 9,500 AMD monthly to provide school lunches to the children and that they have petitioned the mayor for help. This year’s budget has already been drawn up, but the mayor has promised assistance next year.

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