Wednesday, 13 November

Reporters Roughed Up and Detained by Police at HAK rally

During yesterday’s HAK rally at Freedom Square, two reporters, Suzanna Poghosyan of "Haykakan Zhamanak" and Lilit Tadevosyan of "Hayk", were taken into custody by the police. Lyudmila Sargsyan, President of the Social-Democrat Hnchak Party, was also detained. The reporters say they were roughed up by the police and taken into custody when they attempted to record what was happening after the police had escorted Lyudmiila Sargsyan to a waiting police van. Lilit Tadevosyan said that the police first grabbed the recorder from Suzanna Poghosyan’s hands and that the two were then shoved into the van as well. The two spent close to three hours at the police station and were interrogated at length. The police drafted documents claiming that the reporters had used force to resist the efforts of police. Lilit Tadevosyan says that they never resisted and that it was the police who used illegal force against the reporters.

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