Thursday, 05 December

Ara Gevorgyan - Artists Obligated to Raise Cultural Standards

At a press conference today, songwriter Ara Gevorgyan and vocalist Nune Yesayan noted that there are no good songs today since writers are driven by commercial success rather than quality. Nune Yesayan said, "Today, songs have become a business as well," adding that she has a tough time selecting songs to perform. She said the public demand for quality songs exists and that performers need to do their homework. Mr. Gevorgyan said, "There are many simple songs devoid of any meaning. Just like an Indian movie." He says he writes his songs for free and willingly donates them to various vocalists. The songwriter said that the artists themselves shouldn’t be criticized but rather the TV stations, suggesting that broadcasters raise their standards when it comes to what types of songs they air. Referring to broadcasters, Mr. Gevorgyan noted, "You have made Nune Yesayan and myself what we are today. By offering us valuable air time, you have made us household words with the public. You have the power to make someone’s career or break them." "An artist has a sacred mission to raise the cultural level of the people, and not follow market trends. If we only follow what is in demand, we lower those standards," said Mr. Gevorgyan.

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