Wednesday, 16 October

Sharmazanov: U.S. Wanted to Show Turkey It Could Also “Tighten” the Screws

Edward Sharmazanov, spokesman for the ruling Republican Party of Armenia, today told Hetq that he welcomed yesterday’s vote by the U.S. House Committee regarding HR 252 since it proves that the U.S. remains true to the principles of democracy and human rights. "I don’t believe that it’s mere coincidence that it passed at this time and I believe that Turkey’s unconstructive approach to relations had something to do with it as well. Remember that Turkey had recently made some ultimatums directed at the U.S. By passing the resolution, Washington wanted to show Turkey that it could also tighten the screws," Mr. Sharmazanov told Hetq. Mr. Sharmazanov said that it is clear that the U.S. is very interested that the Protocols be ratified in their present form and that it wanted to stress this point to Ankara. Regarding the vociferous reaction by Turkey, Mr. Sharmazanov said the reaction by Ankara had been even more vocal in the past and that it was just another side of the diplomatic process. "I believe that sooner or later Turkey will ratify the Protocols. If not, Turkey will wind up in a very problematic situation. And it’s just not about the Protocols. Turkey faces many much more serious issues like the Kurdish issue, EU membership, Cyprus. Turkish reaction is also directed at internal consumption. Erdogan’s party faces elections in 2011 and its ratings have been dropping lately. Erdogan wants to bolster his nationalist credentials," said Mr. Sharmazanov.

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