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Kecharis Monastery: Contradictory Statements from Church Officials

Hetq sent a list of questions to Father Vahram Melikyan, who runs the Public Affairs Office at Etchmiadzin, regarding the church's involvement in the construction of a restaurant at the Kecharis Monastery.

For the past month, we haven't been able to get a straight answer from the Holy See.

We wanted to know when Etchmiadzin had signed a commercial lease with the Karigag, the company developing the site, and who, on behalf of the church, actually signed such a document.

Father Melikyan avoided answering our questions, telling us that we would have to contact the Kotayk Diocese.

When we asked why Etchmiadzin's chief architect had never been informed about the construction, Father Melikyan said that the lease agreement had been signed with the full knowledge of the church.

This would seem to contradict an earlier statement made by Chief Architect Nazaretyan that Catholicos Garegin II only heard about the restaurant construction through press reports.

Thus, the construction had already started before either the Catholicos or Etchmiadzin's Chief Architect had a clue as to what was happening and before the building plans had been approved by the church's architectural council.

Harutyun Harutyunyan, who is temporarily running the Kotayk Diocese, had told Hetq that the Holy Resurrection Church at Kecharis was only being renovated.

Who, if anyone, is telling the truth regarding Kecharis?

Even top church officials can't seem to agree.

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Comments (5)
1. haykUS18:46 - 7 September, 2011
Again, yet another proof that Karekin should resign or we should throw him away from our church. Catalicos is not the church nor religion, he is just corrupt individual that who should be punished. Our church humiliates itself by protecting such people. He already lost of his credibility, trust and who needs spiritual leader if no one will follow his lead and ignore him.
2. Gevorg07:08 - 8 September, 2011
Aisinqs stacvum a vor menq gitenq vor piti aidqany imananq baic sra masin chgitenq ...nor enq sksel imanal ...
3. SOAD00:29 - 6 October, 2011
vonc vor erevuma Srbazan@ jisht el bnoroshela hodvaci heghinakin u n8a nmannerin. STAPVEQ azgaser hajrenaserner, ,jshtaxos lragroghner. ete edqan dux uneq gnaceq mi hat patgamavorin patkanogh objektic kpeq kam aseq es qonna? te che. de dzez tenam duxov lragroghner
4. Tatevik17:07 - 8 November, 2011
parap en mnacel mer lragroxnery....isk qahananery parap chen. Konkret Ter vahramy (Meliqyan) haastat vor parap chi, dra hamar chi karox patasxanel amen lragroxi harci HH amboxj taracqi amen qarakusi metri kapakcutyamb. Karoxa dzer terty axandavorakan voreve kazmakerputyan koxmic e finansavorvum, te che hardzakvel eq Ekexecu vra. lav en anum, inch anum en, irenq giten. Duz dzer mexqeri masin mtaceq! Skzbic hani qo achqi gerany, heto khanes ynkerojd achqi pushy!
5. Aram01:22 - 11 August, 2012
Amen inch ptum e glxits. Ete verevum nstats e "katolikos v zakone" apa mik zarmantek te inche tegi unenum nerkevum.
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