Friday, 13 December

Edward Sharmazanov - Only Azerbaijan Opposes Turkish-Armenian Thaw

esharmazanov_310509Republican Party parliamentary faction secretary Edward Sharmazanov stated at a press conference held earlier today, while referring to the recent foreign policy moves of President Sargsyan that, "Only Azerbaijan has expressed its opposition and has thus placed itself in an awkward position."Mr. Sharmazanov went on to say that the Turkey-Armenia protocols must be implemented within a reasonable time frame. He added that Turkey must take the initiative in this regard this it was Ankara that closed the border in the first place. In his argument that Armenia’s foreign policy was on the right track, Mr. Sharmazanov pointed to the fact that several influential nations had expressed their support of President Sargsyan’s initiatives regarding Turkey. The Republican Party spokesperson stated that he had no doubt that the Turkish parliament would ratify the protocols. "December 7 is the deadline for the parliament to express its views on the protocols and I believe that the result will be positive. Otherwise, I would think that Washington will not openly welcome Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan when he visits the United States on December 7." Mr. Sharmazanov once again argued that President Sargsyan and Foreign Minister Nalbandian have, on numerous occasions, raised the subject of the 1915 Genocide in various international forums and that an improvement in Turkish-Armenian relations does not mean that the recognition of the Genocide will be neglected. He added that due to the bold steps taken by the RoA government, Armenia’s standing in the region has vastly grown and pointed to the fact that Yerevan will now act as an intermediary between Georgia and Russia.

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