Saturday, 07 December

Tigran Karapetyan – “We’ll continue to fight for justice”

Belittles pollster Adibekyan by calling him “Sut-ibekyan”

Commenting on a prediction made by Armenian sociologist/pollster Aharon Adibekyan that the People’s Party has a good chance of winning a few seats during the 2012 parliamentary elections, party president Tigran Karapetyan took the pollster to task for always making predictions in line with the government.

At a press conference today, Karapetyan belittled Adibekyan’s professional credentials by calling him “Sutibekyan” (Liar-bekyan). “In reality he’s no sociologist by profession. Thus Sutibekyan is no standard setter for us. I don’t want to personally insult the guy, but isn’t it strange that, for whatever reason, his prognostications always correspond to those of the government,” said Karapetyan.

The People’s Party president added that he had no burning urge to end up in parliament but that he would continue to fight for justice.

He boasted that the party has 20,000 registered members and that 2,700 signed up in the past two weeks alone.


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