Saturday, 07 December

ANC MP Calls on Ruling Coalition to Back Formation of March 1 Commission

During today’s parliamentary debate regarding whether or not to create a temporary commission to investigate the killings that took place on March 1, 2008, ANC MP Aram Manoukyan said that the real aim of such a body was to spur the establishment of a true legal defense system in the country.

Manoukyan said that the ultimate objective would be more than identifying and prosecuting those responsible for the death of ten people during the March 1 political protests.

“Any punishment of those culpable will foster an environment in the society at large where people will stop emigrating. Forty per-cent of those leaving do so not as much for socio-economic reasons but in search of legal protection,” Manoukyan said.

He also called on ruling Republican Party MPs to back the formation of such a commission.

The ANC MP added that the initiative to create such a commission had nothing to do with the upcoming March 1 rally in Yerevan marking the sixth anniversary of the tragedy. 

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