Friday, 13 December

ARF MP Says Nairit Plant is Being Driven to Ruin

Today, in the Armenian parliament, ARF MP Artzvik Minasyan introduced a bill to create an ad-hoc committee to look into the affairs of the Nairi Rubber Plant.

Minasyan noted that an investigative report had surfaced in the Armenian press claiming that a move was underway to bring the plant to its knees and have it declared bankrupt.

He said the move, indirectly, was directed against Armenia and the country’s role in the regional manufacturing sector.

Minasyan said that other than a parliamentary investigation it would be impossible to expose who is behind the plot.

The MP said that plant’s estimated accumulated debts range between US$150 and $400 million.

Noting that the plant’s 3,000 employees are now basically out of work, Minasyan argued that defending their rights and restoring Nairi’s economic viability should be a prime objective of the government.

He said the parliament has a crucial role to play in this regard.

Minasyan said that the government has been avoiding the question of creating an ad-hoc committee by claiming that it is working to bring the plant back on line.

He said that on the contrary, the government has failed to provide a plan of action for the plant.

Minasyan asked how the government plans to pay off the debts of the plant and restore it to viability.

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