Saturday, 07 December

ANC Leader Labels Government Call to Establish Ad-Hoc Gas Committee an Attempt to Bury the Truth

ANC parliamentary faction leader Levon Zurabyan described the ruling coalition’s call for an ad-hoc committee to investigate Armenia’s natural gas issue as an attempt to conceal the truth.

The coalition, after quashing a similar initiative by the opposition, has now come out with its own proposal.

Addressing the legislature today, Zurabyan reminded MPs that such ad hoc bodies created in the past merely served to bury the truth.

“Are we creating another burial committee or one that will actually uncover the truth/” Zurabyan asked.

Zurabyan said the people had a few simple questions that concerned them regarding the natural gas issue.

The first, he pointed out, was the accumulation of US$300 million in debt for natural gas imported from Russia.

The others, Zurabyan said, refer to the consumer price of the commodity and the powers granted by the Armenian government to GazProm regarding supply.

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