Monday, 18 November

Locked Inside: Nairit Plant Employees Not Allowed to Leave Premises to Join Protest

Nairit Plant employees today informed Hetq that they are not being allowed to join the protest outside the Armenian government building today. The doors are locked and employees are unable to leave the premises. 

Recall, employees received no official information on either the reactivation of Nairit Plant or their salaries, which is why they were planning on protesting outside the government building today.

Whoever didn't go to work today gathered outside the government building, while those who went to work are unable to leave and join their coworkers.

Nairit Plant press officer Anush Harutyunyan informed Hetq that people are currently at work and until the time to punch out arrives, employees are not allowed to leave the plant. "That's how it is here. If you didn't make it to work at 9 am, your card won't work and you can't get in. If you want to leave earlier, you have to have special permission from your immediate supervisor to allow you to leave; otherwise, your card simply doesn't work," she said. 

Asked by Hetq if employees appealed to management with their request, Harutyunyan said she didn't know. 

During work days, there are 770 permanent employees at the plant, around half of whom are at the factory now.

Harutyunyan added that employees are owed 13 months' worth of wages, though they received their last pay cheque 40 days ago.

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